EdwardsConstructions group is one of most experienced and respected civil construction firm of Australia. We build safe buildings without losing focus on quality, functionality and aesthetics. Our buildings have a finish that pleases the eye and mind.

EdwardsConstructions is a leading builder in the area of civil construction. The company has undertaken diverse projects both simple and complex. No work is too small or large for us. With a staff of over 100 employees we are able to undertake enough projects and ensure on time delivery without compromising on the quality and the finish.

At EdwardsConstructions we aim to give you peace of mind by taking care of all construction related requirements. We deliver what we promise. We have excellent tie ups with various firms so can ensure quality deliver on time every time. Our main strength is on delivering the complete package. We take care of all construction related needs as well as other peripheral needs – Right from handling demolition services to renovation and remodeling services, our team has the capability to deliver a finished project.

At EdwardsConstructions we have a strong commitment towards safety of the people and undertake projects with efficient safety standards. Every infrastructure that we provide has the same brand of quality and functionality as well as safety standards associated with it.

Company Vision

  • Provide quality and value driven construction service locally and globally.
  • To utilize new trends in technology for better product delivery and excellent finish.
  • Build with the intention of exceeding client expectations.
  • Build buildings that are environment friendly, safe, functional and are good to look at and be in.